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Jeans, jeans, jeans...
Jeans brands are always the rage. Fashion is an ever changing landscape, one that finds its roots in the hip. Jeans brand trends are no exception to this. The internet is a great place to keep up to date with these shifting fashion trends and may in fact have contributed to its mutable nature by letting people get trends in almost real time. People would often consider “Which jeans brand will be popular next week?” There are plenty of websites that rate these and some people base their clothing purchases on those lists. Levis, Wrangler Jeans and Diesel Jeans are often among the top ten, making them a safe purchase – but how safe is safe? Where could the public’s interest in jeans really go?


Jeans News

levi's in the top
Levis is trying to gain become the tops in jeans brand trend by trying to go green with their production line. They’re also making an effort to inform people about how the brand itself is trying to achieve these ends. They have even publicized studies on how water is used as the jeans are produced and how they are improving on these numbers.
Jeans brands and Casinos
Jeans brand trends are finding more and more purchase in casinos. Slacks used to be the traditional casino pants-wear but gamblers are getting younger and younger thanks to events such as the World Poker Tour and new ways of playing like online casino - where you play through the internet, e.g. the casino at Common attire is shifting to reflect that. It also helps that jeans tend to be more comfortable than formal casino slacks.
Twilight celeb in new jeans line
Kellan Lutz of ‘Twilight’ fame is getting into the jeans brand trends game by making his own line of jeans under Dylan George’s label. The twenty-five year-old actor plans to model the items themselves and appears proud of the fact that he is ‘inventing’ or ‘creating’ something new, as it answers to an old childhood dream or fantasy. The brand itself will be called “Abbot & Main by Dylan George”.
Casino theiving problems
The SugarHouse casino has had some issues that might have not been alleviated had they been paying attention to jeans brand trends. It seems that would be thief attempted to mug a particularly lucky mugger on a hot streak on the blackjack tables, but in his escape he found himself tangled up by his baggy pants – something that would not have happened if he had been wearing jeans. Maybe he should just had played online casino instead - or nettcasino as it is called in Norway, where the creator of this site is from.
Sephora and Palms
Sephora jeans is one of the latest trends to arise. The store once dedicated to beauty products will be selling a new brand of jeans – LeRock Lift-Up Jeans. The way it is designed and cut will lift up the butt the same way push up bras lift up breasts. Sephora planned to first release their newest product in their Milan store. Of the many collaborations currently out there, the one between the Palms Resort and Casino and Lucky Brands Jeans is up there in terms of being unexpected as when Disney Purchased Marvel. Much like the merger between Mickey Mouse and Spiderman, this promises to be profitable for the customer, as they now have cross-promotional deals that can save gamblers money. This has also had a lot of attention in Denmark (where a casino is called Dansk Casino).